Ryoshi’s vision (in my understandings) and why it is important and Shiba Inu project.

11 min readJul 6, 2021

Before I start, whatever you read is just MY OPINION and how I understand and see Shiba Inu project. So, you either agree or disagree which is how it should be in a decentralized community. I will try my best to make it short as much as I can so people can have an easy reading and a small idea about the article.

What is decentralization in crypto and how centralization can be bad?

Decentralization is the process of distributing and dispersing authority away from a central location. In the old mainstream world, most financial and governmental institutions are centralized, meaning they are governed and administered by a single authority. There are several significant drawbacks to this approach, which stem from the fact that any central authority also serves as a single point of failure in the system: any malfunction at the top of the hierarchy, whether intentional or unintentional, has an unavoidable negative impact on the entire system. On a technological level, centralization might also exist. Hacking one of a centralized entity’s primary points of failure, such as a database, might have far-reaching consequences for the whole institution and its network. Power and information are dispersed across numerous places as a result of decentralization. The benefits of decentralization might include increased security and more diverse control. For example, Bitcoin was created as a decentralized alternative to government money, thus it lacks a single point of failure, making it more robust, efficient, and democratic. Its underlying blockchain technology enables this decentralization, allowing any user to become one of the network’s numerous payment processors. The crypto sector as a whole supports decentralization, including initiatives based on multiple blockchains and distributed ledger technology(DLT). Centralization is bad since It does not distribute power in an equitable and ethical manner to those who work inside them. Also, centralized exchanges can actually hold your tokens or control them which makes people are not the real owners of their token and they deceive people by giving them offers or prizes or shares that makes people think in a way that it is good for them. However, multiple centralized exchanges has cases and histories of holding tokens of people and not allowing them to sell so the owners of the central exchange can sell and investors are held as hostages and makes their investments tank. Moreover, centralized exchanges are easy to use which make people get attracted to it more easily and they are more famous than decentralized exchanges and the sad fact most people do not know about how each centralized exchange has the right to hold your tokens since you accept the rules when you register on their platforms and other rules that are against you but people never read the whole terms of each centralized exchange. Not to forget to mention that centralized exchanges are way less secure than decentralized exchanges and some centralized exchanges take huge fees from your investment when you buy or sell or send them out of their platforms. Remember, centralized exchanges in general cares to benefit their selves and have authority more than people or investors. To be safe and have the full power, just use a wallet such as metamask and coinbase wallet….Etc and decentralized exchange that makes you control your tokens 100% and you are the one who actually own them.

What is decentralization in our real world?

From Wiki: “Decentralization or decentralisation is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group.[1]

I see it in this way, all people has the right to act and everyone should be treated the same way no matter how much power or influence the person has or what is the person’s race or what family does the person belongs to or the religion of the person. Money is used as a way of power in the last decades and it should not be used in that way; One of the right ways to reach decentralization when people work and earn money because they want to help each other not because they want to earn money and for self interests. If that happens, money will be a way to make people’s life easier and not as a power which will lead to end poverty in the world by the time and no one would care of how much an individual has since everyone would be a backup for each other (I explained money since it is an easy understanding for all ages in general, you can think in other aspects in the same way).

Ryoshi’s vision

As I explained above about decentralization, If people read woofpaper word by word they would see Ryoshi wants a better future for people and Ryoshi is sick of seeing how we are in the same unfair systems in all aspects over and over.

“Until now, centralization has been a prerequisite for all of our official structures. Political, educational, and financial systems are, and have always been, crafted in a way that does not equally and ethically distribute power to those functioning within them. There may have been times in history where this sort of internal configuration played an important role, but, in an age with the information of the world available at the click of a button, it’s time to rethink. 2021 opened our eyes to how little control the average person has in the face of these overarching, generational structures when GameStop and AMC stock value exploded seemingly overnight. WallStreetBets tested the waters of what it would look like to disperse control to consumers and inexperienced investors alike. It was inspiring, but it didn’t last long. Just when the movement seemed to be on the brink of success, it was throttled by the bureaucracy of our centralized society. However, not before this concept of a new power among the people took root. Months before any of these events made international news, Ryoshi was already setting his 100% community-based, cryptocurrency experiment into motion. Cryptocurrency itself comes from the idea of disrupting routine and redefining how wealth can be acquired, which goes against traditional processes by its very nature. And yet, most, if not all, cryptocurrencies function within a system of enforceable rules. It’s easy to see when we look back at cases like the SEC’s win over the Kin Ecosystem (a centralized authority), or when we consider how the Binance Smart Chain seems to use centralized authority to offer “benefits” over their decentralized partnerships. In the ever-shifting economic landscape, cryptocurrencies which do not take their independence into their own hands struggle with a tenuous existence. When the rules of the game are changed against their favor, they have no option but to comply; regardless of the consequences. But not Shib.” -Woofpaper or whitepaper of shiba V2.0

ShibaArmy should act with each other in order to reach the goal and each one of you has a voice and each one of you is important. Never think that there is someone more important than you!

“We believe through the power of collective decentralization we can build something stronger than a centralized team ever could create. A community-run token is nothing without the united individuals who give it purpose.” -Ryoshi

Ryoshi is also having the vision to make a layer for the project which is called “shibarium” blockchain. It is beneficial since it makes the project less manipulated by the others or coins, very low fees and extra safe and turn us from a token to a coin at some point in the future (there is a difference between a token and coin in crypto) and many more beneficial advantages for the whole project and community.

Furthermore, Ryoshi main point from all the projects that we know until now and the plans which are not known yet is to reach fully decentralization.

Shiba Inu tokenomics (in simple terms)

Each token has a role and combined together they need each other.

$SHIB: The token for everyone and has a huge supply to make sure it is enough for everyone and the most famous one among the others.

It is nice to see millions or billions in your wallet. right? yes, I love how to it makes people more happy with that.

$LEASH: the store of value of the project and the undervalued token that will fly soon.

It is nice to have a token that has a low supply and a low market cap compared to $SHIB. Makes me feel special!

$BONE: The governance token that will make people earn it by ShibaSwap as a start and have the right to vote for future purposes or decisions for the project.

$TREAT: I believe it will be for NFT.

$SHI (the name might be changed): The stable coin like Tether for example.

Why Shiba dog?

From the tips of their little teddy-bear noses to the ends of their curled tails, they are fiercely intelligent, brave, and independent, with an equal propensity for loyalty and mischief. Sadly, the characteristics which make them extraordinary are the same ones which can make them a challenging pet. New or inexperienced owners can quickly find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared for life with a breed that’s known for its bold (i.e. stubborn) personality. -Woofpaper or whitepaper of shiba V2.0

ShibaArmy is strong!

What we know until now from the last woofpaper Shiba Inu is looking to make an incubator, ShibaSwag, NFT and dealing with charities to help people and many more in the RUFFMAP.

After reading about decentralization and Ryohsi’s vision and about the project as a whole in a small explanation, Do you think this project is just a simple crypto token or a meme ? Absolutely not!

Do you like to see your kids or the world have a better future? Shiba Inu is the answer! Made from people and grows from people not like other cryptos that are running based on their marketing and people who can manipulate the market or billionaires or people who has power….etc. Also, remember Shiba Inu is the only crypto project that reached this level in a very short time with 0$ of creating it and 0$ have been spent to get listed or marketed or whatever anywhere.

Some people are mad about the delay of ShibaSwap. However, if you compare the complexities and the amount of users before release (over 600K holders) or the funds of the project that would be normal to have a delay compared to other decentralized swaps. The developers paid from their pockets and did not take a single penny from any of us and they are working 24/7 to make sure it will be safe and your money will be safe in ShibaSwap….please appreciate the time that they are wasting for us and to make the future better.

RUFFMAP has a lot of projects and plans for Shiba Inu and they are not declared for the safety of the project and to keep the project unique to be distinguished from the others (just like any other project does that, they do not reveal everything) because we saw a lot of projects copying us even copying the name.

From a decentralized community, it would be normal that someone leave or join like Ryoshi who left. Shytoshi might leave too when he thinks it is the right time to leave and you do not have to be worried since the whole project is based on the ShibaArmy and another person will shine and be worth to join the team and to be a representor or a linker (we do not have a leader and people should stop thinking in that way) with the others to contact higher projects and make partnerships…etc.

Do you know the Joker card? The joker is kind of a meme but his card is the strongest that can turn a meme to a serious thing…..Yes, think about Shiba Inu in that way. From a meme to the most decentralized (not fully yet) and successful project in crypto market. Remember, ShibaSwap is just a first step to be closer to decentralization. It is a matter of time until $LEASH will unleash the mad dogs $SHIB to seek their $BONE and later seek their $TREAT after they chill for a while.

For $BONE, as you see it is not like the other projects. If you are a whale (someone who has a lot of $BONE) that does not mean you have 100% power to make a decision about the project. The team will always look and try their best that 100% benefits are made towards the smallest holder to the largest one and not being to a specific side.

Finally, it is alright that the project is in many centralized exchanges. “use their rules in order to make your own rules in the future” -Shibarium1

Are you Ryoshi?

in personality? you do not have to. In mentality? Maybe, if you want to carry the vision or make it a reality. You are unique and you can make Ryoshi’s vision closer and brighter too! So it does not matter if we know who is Ryoshi (it would be cool of course but Ryoshi is not looking for being famous or any of that), what matters Ryoshi’s vision and how smart it is.

Why are you called Ryoshi? as an honor to Ryoshi since Ryoshi is the founder and the one who explained the vision that wishes to make it true and the reason me and you are here together at this moment in ShibaArmy.

Young puppies

Dear to all old dogs, please take care of the young puppies and there are no issues if they invest in the project IF THEY LEARN ALL BASICS AT LEAST because I saw a lot of harsh behaviors towards them. If you waste time to do that then it is not worth it, it is worth to teach them to carry the future. This is a different generation and time especially 2021. Young puppies can grow fast and learn fast since all information is available everywhere and be an old dog in a matter of months or weeks.

A note: I am no one and I do not care about gaining money that much, I am someone who supports Shiba Inu project and believes it will make us reach or be part to decentralization sooner or later and it does not matter for me how many years does it take even 10 years you will still find me here and will not leave until I see it happens by my own eyes that is my promise for everyone at least.

My profile picture if you see it anywhere: It does not represent anything or any mysterious thing. Simply it reflects the mirror side of Ryoshi or like being part of the shadow. I believe helping people will make good things and returns will happen to you. Thus, I will be in that shadow to push each one of you out of it to make Ryoshi’s vision a reality and would be glad to be the last one to be out of that shadow by ShibaArmy hands combined as one.

Thank you Ryoshi

Thank you all developers


Thank you admins

Thank you translators

Thank you ShibaArmy

Thank each one of you who believes in the project and sharing it and turns the people who FUD to a believer.

UPDATE: ShibaSwap is live!







A believer in Shiba inu project simply and decentralization. known in telegram with username: shibarium1